Blast Creative Studio LLC is a true labor of

love created by married couple Juan Camilo Rodríguez and Tatiana Sánchez. The talented graphic design duo is constantly driven by innovative ideas as they continue to crush creative norms and boundaries.


Juan and Tati met 21 years ago on their

very first day of college in their native country, Colombia. They soon became a powerful creative team fueled by their experience

and passion for art and design.


Juan has an incredibly strong illustration and hand lettering abilities that allow him to express his ideas with a smart, modern, and unique style. You can see his art and design projects online on his social media channels under the nickname “El Juantastico”. 

Tatiana brings a broad range of experience 

to the table as an art director at numerous leading design studios and agencies. She has created remarkable branding solutions and breakthrough ad campaigns for multiple

high-profile clients.

Together, they are able to create exciting and dynamic visual experiences for your business. 


Let’s work together, let’s have a Blast.

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Please tell us about your 

project and let us create

an effective graphic design experience for your brand.

Let's work together!

Let's have a Blast!

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Miami, FL.

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